by Bayan AlSadiq
  • 2 minute read
  • December 27, 2020
These Are The Saudi Fashion Brands You Need To Know Through My Lens

Nakhlah is a Saudi clothing brand by 21 year-old Nora AlHudaib . “I started the business in 2018 when I was 18 with the help of my beautiful mother,” says Nora. “She believed in me when no one did, especially when people told me that I can’t pursue this due to being young.” Nakhlah is a labor of love, which offers insight into the mind and craft of a young creative.

“This experience has taught me a lot, especially in terms of dealing with customers and building my own boutique. I feel so empowered,” shares Nora. “Since I was young, I learnt to take full responsibility of my actions and that’s the reason behind my success. Not blaming others and learning from your mistakes is what keeps me going.”

Nakhlah focuses on fabrics and designs that are perfect for the Middle Eastern palate. The brand makes limited artistic pieces, with each creation inspired by Nora’s love of art and nature.

The brand’s latest collection, titled Bold, draws inspiration from ‘hanfu’, a traditional Chinese style of clothing. “All the pieces are handmade and unique, but I always fall in love with one or two designs from each collection,” shares Nora. 

Mixing the past with the present, the brand’s Vintage x Modern pieces are among Nora’s favorites.  “Nakhlah is about القوه،الثبات ،الجمال – the power in your appearance. My goal is to share my artistic pieces with the world.”

AJ Jewelry

Founders Aljazi Althunayan and Alanoud Althunayan launched the jewelry brand in 2015 while still pursuing their Bachelor’s degrees. “We started with silver jewelry until one day we decided to create our first fine jewelry line,” they share.

Later, they participated in an exhibition in Riyadh, introducing the collection that features the Bar bracelet and ring. “The exhibition was a great success. The pieces were sold-out and we went home with more orders, starting to gain recognition.”

“Our latest collection is called Bubbles. The pieces are made of 18K gold and diamonds and express the feelings of happiness and excitement. The bubble-shaped designs are bedecked with diamonds.”

With impeccable craftsmanship, AJ Jewelry offers pieces that are perfect for everyday wear and stacking. 

Bayan was born in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She first picked up a camera in December 2010, and hasn’t looked back since. She began photography as a passion and published the photographs on Flickr and Facebook, which served as the launching platforms for Bayan Al Sadiq Photography.

She studied photography at various institutions in New York City to further hone her skill. There, she was roped in for a number of high-profile clients and then branched out to Paris. Her portfolio now boasts clients such as the Four Seasons Hotel, New York, Riyadh and Dubai, Plaza Athenee Hotel, Paris, Le Meurice Hotel, Paris, Baccarat, Paris, Fortnum & Mason, Dubai, and Ladurée, Paris and Dubai.

Bayan has received accolades for her work and was featured in a number of publications, including National Geographic. In August 2018, she conducted a photoshoot for the Wall Street Journal to document women driving in the city of Qassim at 12am, the moment the decades-long driving ban was lifted. She has been a contributing photographer for the journal since. She currently lives in Safwa, Saudi Arabia with her family. Follow Bayan @BayanAlSadiq on Instagram.

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