by Ayesha Sheikh
  • 2 minute read
  • June 30, 2022
Get A Glimpse Into Al Fardan Jewellery’s Latest Timeless Capsule Collection

On the UAE’s glimmering jewellery landscape, an iconic homegrown brand recently launched a creative collaboration that offers a mélange of everything the country holds dear—family, festivity, and cultural traditions adorned with modernity. Al Fardan Jewellery has unveiled a Ramadan capsule collection under the cultural ambassadorship of Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and Sheikha Hamda bint Khalifa bin Mohamed Al Nahyan. And the results are impeccable.

“Since childhood, we grew up surrounded by family and they’re an integral part of everything we do,” says Sheikha Alyazia. “So, my cousin Sheikha Hamda and I were thrilled to collectively approach this design experience, knowing that the outcome wouldn’t have been the same without each other,” she adds. “Arab communities greatly regard these family connections, even more so during Ramadan. The collection appeals to this value that we all share.”

“My cousin Sheikha Hamda and I were thrilled to collectively approach this design experience, knowing that the outcome wouldn’t have been the same without each other.”

Artist Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan

The line comprises 10 pieces, including hero necklaces, earrings with removable tassels, two types of stud earrings, ear cuffs, pearl, split and pinky rings, a pendant and a bangle. Double-sided medallions in coral and green onyx bedeck each hero necklace and are inspired by the shape of Andalusian tiles, which feature a laser-engraved floral pattern that nods to modernised Fatimid and Islamic motifs. This pattern extends to the design of the hook that’s linked with a tassel of pearl and coral beads. “It’s widely known that pearls signify originality in the region,” shares Sheikha Alyazia. “For us, prayers are our pearls of wisdom.”

The collection boasts impressive attention to detail, with an engraved Arabic phrase on the medallion that translates to “Peace be upon Prophet Mohammed, the light of lights,” which has been handwritten by Sheikha Alyazia. “In the Arab world, prayers were often inscribed on adornments for blessings,” she explains.

Sheikha Alyazia holds that the idea behind opting for handwritten engraving was to evoke the historic concept of manuscripts. “The design takes a cue from Islamic art,” says Sheikha Hamda, adding that the pieces are deeply influenced by the concept of light.” The calligraphy and golden hooks nod to the dangling glass lamps of historical mosques, and the removable tassel mechanism means that the range is versatile and perfect for every occasion.

A seamless collaborative endeavour, the collection brings together the creative spirit of the cousins and Al Fardan Jewellery’s own distinct aesthetic vocabulary. As an artist, Sheikha Alyazia has imbued the designs with her unique creative spirit. “Storytelling isn’t confined to one art form and crossovers have become more frequent in the cultural space,” she notes.

“Sheikha Hamda was more focused on the floral motifs and what design would appeal to young ladies. On the other hand, I focused on the text and the overall vision of the piece,” states Sheikha Alyazia. Sheikha Hamda adds, “There was great communication and creative synergy between us, and we kept improving the designs together until we were happy with the finished collection.”

Perfect for gifting, the Al Fardan Jewellery pieces are presented in handcrafted packaging, which has been designed by Emirati calligrapher Narjes Noureddine. Sheikha Hamda states, “The main values behind the collection are to evoke the familial spirit and the art of gifting. There are many beautiful meanings and values that these pieces carry.”

Visit the Al Fardan Jewellery flagship boutique at Nation Towers Mall, Abu Dhabi; follow @Alfardanjewellery.uae on Instagram.

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