by Mahak Saxena
  • 1 minute read
  • May 21, 2024
Delvaux and artist Kasper Bosman have created a mutualistic handbag collection

Delvaux, the world’s oldest leather goods house, has embarked on a unique creative partnership with artist Kasper Bosman for their latest handbag collection. This venture, termed “mutualism,” transcends a mere collaboration, instead resembling a harmonious exchange of artistic expression, deeply rooted in their shared Belgian heritage.

Both Delvaux and Kasper demonstrate a profound reverence for history, evident in their respective works. Delvaux has preserved its heritage through iconic designs like The Brillant (1958) and The Pin (1972). Meanwhile, Kasper draws inspiration from a wide variety of historical signs and symbols, reimagining them with modern sensibilities.

Delvaux and Kasper Bosman have collaborated to release art-inspired bags. Image: Supplied

However, this collection goes beyond an emulation of the past. It represents a fresh perspective, blending Delvaux’s timeless appeal with the vibrancy of Kasper’s artistic style. Remarkably, through this collaboration, both have retained their distinct creative voices, fostering a dialogue that has enriched their narratives rather than diluted them. The result is a collection that pushes boundaries aesthetically as well as conceptually.

The crafting process itself embodies this spirit of innovation. Ancient techniques like marqueterie du cuir, a meticulous leather inlay process, were reimagined through a contemporary lens, with details like hand-painted embellishments adorning classic Delvaux designs. This acts as a testament to the power of bridging the past and present, celebrating heritage while embracing evolution. Ten reimagined Delvaux classics, each pushing the boundaries of the atelier’s exceptional craftsmanship, became part of this unique collection.

Delvaux and Kasper Bosman bag. Image: Supplied

Unlike fleeting collaborations, the strength of Delvaux’s design legacy and Kasper’s artistic integrity has fostered a true symbiosis. Each entity is enriched by the other, resulting in a collection that is both beautiful and meaningful. This partnership served as a celebration of Belgian heritage with a modern twist, a symphony of two distinct creative voices harmonising to create a single masterful collection.

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