by Mahak Saxena
  • 1 minute read
  • May 27, 2024
Tory Burch have released a new fragrance line especially for the Middle East — and it’s inspired by the region

Tory Burch’s latest fragrance collection, The Essence of Dreams, was inspired by the rich tapestries of the Middle East. An homage to a region that has long captivated the American designer with its history and cultural reverence for perfumery.

The Middle East, as the cradle of perfumery is where Tory Burch embarked on a journey of discovery, seeking fragrances that mirrored the emotions these lands evoke. It’s no surprise then, that Oud, a note that the designer deeply cherishes, finds its roots in this very region.

Tory Burch Daring Rose eau de parfum. Image: Supplied

The Essence of Dreams collection embodies this rich inspiration. Five distinct yet cohesive scents take centre stage: Atlas Oud, a call to adventure; Daring Rose, a whisper of desire; Infinite Oak, a symbol of wisdom; Enduring Leather, a testament to courage; and Luminous Musk, a spark of imagination. Each fragrance is a carefully crafted story waiting to be told on the skin.

Tory Burch sees perfumery as an art form similar to fashion design. Both disciplines, she believes, offer unique opportunities and challenges. Just as she reinterprets classic silhouettes in her clothing lines, the designer enjoys taking a familiar scent, like rose, and infusing it with an unexpected twist. This love of contrast is a running thread in her work, reflecting a constant pursuit of empowering women to feel confident and beautiful.

Tory Burch Luminous Musk eau de parfum. Image: Supplied

With The Essence of Dreams, Tory Burch extends this philosophy to the women of the Middle East. She hopes to inspire them to embrace fragrance as a powerful tool for self-expression, allowing scents to become an extension of their moods and emotions, just like their meticulously chosen attire. 

Available exclusively in the region at Sephora, The Essence of Dreams captures the beauty and richness of the Middle East in each bottle.

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