by Mannhar Kaur
  • 1 minute read
  • November 18, 2019
We Speak With One Of The Key Creative Voices Behind Dubai-Based Design Studio Tinkah

Amid the bustle of Downtown Editions was Ranim Al Halaky’s ‘Unheard Voices’, a superb manifestation of Arabic poetry.  Having started her research in 2015 when she stumbled upon a lesser-known poem by Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, Ranim conceptualized the work for the 2nd edition of ‘Voices D02’. “I got acquainted with the poem and that’s how it all began,” says Rahim, who is the Lead Graphic Designer at Dubai-based multidisciplinary design studio Tinkah.

A series of audio-visual poetry installations, ‘Voices D02’ utilizes the Nastalliq style of typography to lend a voice to poems in a physical form. With strings dangling from the ceiling, each helps the other narrate a story when they brush past one another, creating a similar effect as wind chimes and evoking a multisensorial experience.

Nastalliq Style of Arabic Typography

“No matter what the context, there are always voices that are never heard,” she adds, referencing what paved the way for her to bring her vision of ‘Unheard Voices’ to life. Last year in November, the first edition of the series, ‘Voices D01’, was showcased as a part of the RASM Exhibition at 1971 Design Space in Sharjah.

‘Unheard Voices’ at 1971 Design Space for Downtown Editions

Ranim’s creative expression has also found room in Tinkah’s collective  and you’re sure to find yourself mesmerized by her works.

Cover image credit: @ranimalhalaky

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