by Mira Kerbage
  • 1 minute read
  • January 13, 2021
The Royal Commission For AlUla Releases New Film As Part Of Its “The World’s Masterpiece” Campaign

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) launched its campaign for AlUla, Saudi Arabia’s historical and cultural hub, in partnership with advertising agency Leo Brunett.

As part of the campaign, RCU released a video directed by renowned French filmmaker Bruno Aveillan, with the title The World’s Masterpiece.

The film is a love letter to AlUla, and portrays a woman walking through key historical sites such as Dadan, Jabal Ikmah, and Jabal Alfil while admiring the city’s breath-taking architecture and landscape.

Located in north-western Saudi Arabia, AlUla is also home to archaeological site Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The campaign aims to showcase AlUla as a unique destination while mainly targeting domestic travellers.

This is part of the country’s Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to highlight Saudi Arabia’s strengths by diversifying its economy and showcasing its Islamic and national identity.

RCU’s Chief Destination Management and Marketing Officer Phillip Jones hopes that the campaign encourages the country’s residents to visit historical destinations a bit closer to home.

The World’s Masterpiece is a play on both the skilful artistry of ancient civilisations who carved elaborate artworks into the rocky outcrops, as well as the pure and unspoilt beauty of the geological rock formations and landscapes sculpted by nature,” said Jones in a release.

Through this project, RCU wishes to achieve its visitor projections of 90,000 for 2021 and 130,000 for 2022.

To find out more, visit AlUla’s official website.

Images courtesy of RCU.

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