by Sophia Dyer
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  • January 18, 2024
Tweed de Chanel is on display in Dubai – weaving heritage fabric with high jewellery
Tweed de Chanel

Patrice Leguéreau’s latest Tweed de Chanel collection is on display in Dubai for the house’s invited customers to see.

Leguéreau’s second tweed fine jewellery collection is presented in an immersive experience inside Concrete gallery in Alserkal Avenue. Spilt into two areas, the first is a tribute to the River Tweed in the lush Scottish countryside. The second, a modern art gallery-esque area.

Available for a limited time only, invitees can also peruse the collection in Doha.

Tweed de Chanel

Debuting in London during the summer of last year, the Tweed de Chanel collection was largely inspired by the brand’s heritage fabric. Comprising of 45 pieces, they were each dreamed up by Chanel’s director of fine jewellery create studio, Patrice Leguéreau.

Chanel de Tweed. Credit: Chanel
Chanel de Tweed. Credit: Chanel
Chanel de Tweed. Credit: Chanel

Creating jewellery that looks as if it as been spun, Leguéreau has be lauded for his intricate work. Swapping yarn for precious gemstones, diamonds and gold the high jewellery is delicately woven to creating a breathtakingly Chanel aesthetic.

The collection has five themes (in keeping with the maison), camelia, lion, ruban, star, and sun.

Chanel’s history with tweed

Think of tweed and you likely conjure images of classic Chanel two-piece. Think of Chanel and the woven fabric undoubtedly springs to mind. The fabric has been synonymous with the fashion house since 1924 when, after falling in love with the Duke of Westminster, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel began fashioning suits for women out of the fabric.

Women wearing tweed Chanel suits in 1950. Credit: Getty Images

Revolutionary for the time, prior to this, the fabric was used for men’s outwear coats. Chanel put her chic spin on the fabric by using high quality threads in various colours, including the famed pastel hues that were released during the ’50s and ’60s.

Since then, the maison’s love affair with material has continued and today, we see Leguéreau stitching a new era of Chanel’s tweed into its high jewellery collections.

Available to visit by invitation only.

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