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  • January 23, 2024
Inspired by the Founder’s Unique Heritage, Boucheron Unveils it’s The Power of Couture High Jewellery Collection

In a dazzling revelation, Boucheron once again takes centre stage with its latest high jewellery collection, The Power of Couture.

Medals, buttons, embroideries, and aiguillettes have undergone a bejewelled reimagining under the discerning eye of Claire Choisne, the Creative Director of Maison Boucheron.

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious legacy of Frédéric Boucheron love of couture, Choisne introduces a fresh perspective to ceremonial ornaments, skillfully metamorphosing them through the fusion of rock crystal and diamonds.

Today, the house unveils 24 high jewellery pieces, marking a new expression of couture conveyed through gemstones.

Power of Couture Collection. Credit: Boucheron
Power of Couture Collection. Credit: Boucheron

Rooted in Couture

Couture lies at the heart of Boucheron’s rich history. Louis Boucheron, the father of the Maison’s founder, began his career as a draper in Paris in 1817 and often worked with silk and lace as creative mediums. Frédéric Boucheron, born in 1830, was therefore immersed in this world of luxurious fabrics from a very young age, and it undeniably influenced his approach to crafting jewellery.

Sharing a passion for delicate and supple adornments, Boucheron spent the 19th-century fashioning gold and stones into elements inspired by couture. Claire Choisne explains, “Bows, knits, grosgrain, pompoms, and lace abound in our archives. For this fourth edition of Histoire de Style, I decided to explore the theme of couture without the fuss.”

Deconstructing power

When designing the 24 pieces, Choisne reveals, “I decided to deconstruct the symbols of power to reappropriate them. This collection is designed like a precious kit that may be worn in a multitude of ways, choosing among various elements to create an individual style.”

Power of Couture Collection. Credit: Boucheron
Power of Couture Collection. Credit: Boucheron

Elegant craftsmanship

Choisne notes, “The difficulty in crafting this collection was to bring the characteristics of fabric to rigid gold and stones.” Boucheron’s craftsmen achieved the transformation, turning rock crystal and diamonds into jewellery sets as sophisticated and supple as the rarest silk fabrics.

With this high jewellery collection, Boucheron etches a new chapter in the history of both High Jewellery and fashion alike. Choisne’s pieces seem to defy material constraints, showcasing innovation in craft at the service of elevated designs. The allure of this collection transcends tradition, inviting fashion enthusiasts to embrace a new era of opulent self-expression.


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