by Dina Khadr
  • 1 minute read
  • June 29, 2021
Husain Ujjainwala Flies The Flag For UAE Drone Photographers

Dubai-based freelance photographer, Husain Ujjainwala is the artist giving the world the escape we need right now. The photographer’s shots have an ethereal quality to them – with the scenes documented through his camera spanning across countries, from the UAE’s glistening skyscrapers, to India’s snow-covered roads and Bali’s serene oceans.

The beauty Husain finds in the most unexpected places, are almost palpable in the minute details portrayed in his shots of seemingly surreal places. “Viewing these spaces from above is an unparalleled experience. No matter how many times I fly over Dubai, I’m always left awestruck by its beauty,” says Husain of the metropolitan city he calls home. “My motto has always been quality over quantity and showing unique perspectives, which is what I strive to achieve through aerial photography.”

Husain Ujjainwala

Husain, who specializes in aerial, architectural and lifestyle content creation, captures the city teeming with vibrancy, seemingly in a light that presents it at its most quiet and calm. With images of Dubai’s skyscrapers steeped in clouds, Husain’s views transport their audience out of this world, and into a sleepy dreamlike setting.

“My journey of aerial photography began when the very first drone, DJI Mavic Pro, came out and I decided to buy it,” explains Hussain. “I moved to the UAE in 2015 and instantly fell in love with its unique architecture and striking desertscapes. Back then, it was relatively easier to fly drones in the UAE, as it was a new technology and the laws around it were just starting to shape up. I flew my drone across the country, capturing everything from cityscapes to deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see.”

Taking aerial pictures from helicopters, seaplanes and hot air balloons, the photographer has amassed over 20k followers on Instagram, with a feed inundated in images seemingly out of never-never land in the 21st century. Through his page, the artist puts on display striking skylines, mesmerizing symmetrical views, and scenic vistas. Husain reveals, “What might look like just another landscape at eye level is a spectacle when viewed from above.”

Husain Ujjainwala

Follow Husain on Instagram @who.sane

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