by Dina Khadr
  • 1 minute read
  • June 30, 2021
Sacred Spaces

The fact that the world is imbued with beauty isn’t lost on Noora Al Neyadi. That much is apparent in the images taken through the lens of the UAE-based photographer. Noora’s work which brings into focus, in several instances, the hypnotic effects of repetition, also vividly captures the essence of whatever subject she sets her eyes on. Brilliantly portraying everything from farms in Liwa, to Eid prayers, and mosques surrounded by lush greenery in Al Ain, the UAE native’s art speaks the beauty found all around us, when the perspective is altered.

Noora Al Neyadi

Having first picked up her father’s analogue camera at 11, it seems Noora never quite got around to putting it down. “I find my inspiration in modern architecture around the UAE as well as the astonishing nature and the UAE’s culture, which I grew up loving,” observes the talented photographer.

Noora Al Neyadi

In 2020, Noora was also part of the esteemed jury team for the Aerial Photography Awards – a competition which saw its first edition last year. Armed with her camera, her keen attention to detail and her appreciation of the spaces around her, the aerial photographer opens a gateway into a dimension that often gets overlooked, and rarely seen, in the white noise that is an inevitable side-effect of life.

A creative consultant, Noora has managed to suffuse the projects that she works on with the same passion and creativity found in her photographs. “I want to bridge the gap between brands and audiences through visual art – leveraging unique perspectives, creative treatments and storytelling.”

Noora Al Neyadi

Noora has had her work showcased both locally and internationally, and she brings a unique perspective to the growing field of aerial photography within the region. Viewing the world from her own unique vantage point, the artist’s shots beautifully merge the colors of nature to give shape to captivating scenes of unity and harmony.

“For the past four years, I’ve enjoyed bringing passion, energy and creativity in my approach managing projects, partnerships and creative influencers for global and regional brands,” emphasizes Noora.

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