by Ayesha Shaikh
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  • July 16, 2019
This Is The It Accessory Brand Of The Season

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Moynat, a French brand steeped in history that made its Middle Eastern debut with the launch of a flagship store at The Dubai Mall in March last year. Awash in saturated, statement-making colors, its latest collection of mini vanity bags is a lesson in summer street style. Unveiled this February, the bags, as envisioned by creative director Ramesh Nair, depict the technical expertise and intricate metalwork that lie at the core of the maison, which celebrated its 170th anniversary in January this year.

Josephine Bags

Among the highlights of the collection is the Mini Vanity Pyramid, which is inspired by the famous architectural icons of Paris. Think about an inverted pyramid suspended in a light metal frame, a sculptural piece that marries engineering with craftsmanship. Hand-stitched to perfection and bedecked with sculpted locks and the atelier’s signature metallic jewelry, it’s sure to spruce up any look.

Akin to the French confection that it’s named after, the Mini Vanity Macaron offers a revival of two artisanal leatherworking techniques, the point jointure and the piqure d’angle, which were previously used to create leather trunks. All this is evident in the Macaron, with its bi-metal hasp closure in gold and silver finishes accentuating its pastel hues. Where the sculptural Mini Vanity Limousine packs a punch, the Polka pouch is classically elegant and imbued with Art Deco charm.

Mini Vanity Pyramid

While these sculptural works of art summon up Moynat’s unique aesthetic vocabulary, the brand’s real tour de force is its collection of custom-made trunks, among which the Trunk Al Noor has riveted great attention in the region. This made-to-measure case for the Holy Quran, the only piece available in the world, was first unveiled to mark the opening of the maison in the Middle East last year.

A view of the bag’s lock being inscribed

Exquisitely crafted using alligator leather, it features embellishments on its outer case, with its inside draped in plush velvet and containing a mechanism that elevates the Holy Quran when the trunk is opened. Interestingly, the trunk was designed around a rare 18th-century Kashmiri Quran that Ramesh found in its original lacquered binding. With its eclectic offerings that are at once comfortable and chic, Moynat creates pieces that are travel-friendly and would redefine your style quotient this season.

Images courtesy Of Moynat.

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