by Mahak Saxena
  • 1 minute read
  • May 14, 2024
A match made in movement: Messika and Stan Wawrinka redefine high jewellery for men

Messika, the Parisian powerhouse known for its dazzling diamond designs, has taken a bold step forward with its first foray into men’s jewellery. Partnering with Swiss tennis champion Stanislas (Stan) Wawrinka, Messika founder Valérie Messika wanted to redefine boundaries.

On the surface, tennis and jewellery might seem like unlikely partners. Yet, delve deeper, and a you’ll find a synergy. Messika’s signature aesthetic is dynamic and unconventional. The iconic Move collection, with its play of sliding diamonds, embodies this perfectly and it is this energy that mirrors the world of high-performance sports, where precision and fluidity are keys to success.

Both Valérie and Stan are venturing into uncharted territory, yet their core purpose remains the same: to capture the essence of freedom found in pursuing one’s passion. The campaign beautifully translates this sentiment, blurring the lines between feminine and masculine. 

Valérie reimagines traditional tennis attire with a contemporary, urban-chic twist. While Stan embodies effortless style, transitioning across three looks — a crisp white ensemble for a touch of elegance, a head-to-toe black look for a powerful, athletic statement, and a relaxed, urban-chic outfit featuring jeans and a white tee.

The spotlight shines on the Move Titanium collection. The pendant and bangle, crafted in a confident palette of black, graphite, and titanium, are a perfect fit for Stan’s persona. The campaign also showcases how the original So Move collection seamlessly complements the new Move Titanium line with a modern take.

As the face of a campaign, Stan goes beyond the world of competition. He represents a well-rounded individual, a family man with a nurturing spirit. This resonates with the collection’s portrayal of balance — a quality essential both on the court and in life. Just as a tennis player needs resilience and strategic thinking, Valérie embodies this same spirit, constantly pushing boundaries and reinventing the brand while staying true to its core values.

The Messika and Stan Wawrinka collaboration is a captivating story where diamonds find their rhythm on the court, and a champion athlete becomes an embodiment of Parisian luxury. It’s a meeting of movement and passion, where boundaries blur and unexpected connections become the source of inspiration.

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