by Nina Catt
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  • June 14, 2023
Editor’s Picks | Loewe Adds A Trio Of Enchanting Fragrances To Its Home Scents Collection That Pay Homage To Nature. We Are In Love…

Orange blossom, thyme and geranium.

A simple mention of these three fragrances evokes memories of quaint English gardens at summertime, and their powerful aromas wafting in the warm breeze. I’m instantly transported back to my childhood. The power of fragrance is astonishing.

Perfume has always played a huge part of my everyday life and I take pleasure in selecting a fragrance depending on my mood, where I’m going, and sometimes, who I’m meeting. Much consideration goes into the selection process, just don’t ask me what I’m wearing because that’s a secret that I’ll always guard.

And so, it comes as no surprise that I adore filling my home with fragrance too. There’s nothing quite like stepping into a room to be met with a bouquet of scents – it’s calming, uplifting and quite frankly, divine.

Imagined by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson in partnership with in-house perfumier, Nuria Cruelles, Loewe Home Scents is a collection of olfactory plant portraits crafted to mimic the most raw and authentic essences of a vegetable garden. The scents encompass honeysuckle, ivy, oregano, cypress balls, tomato leaves, cucumber, beetroot, liquorice and juniper berry. Orange blossom, thyme and geranium join the enchanting line-up.

Orange blossom is available as a scented candle in three sizes, as a wax scented candleholder and as a room spray.

Geranium and thyme are available as outdoor candles.

All candles feature vibrant colourways and distinctive silhouettes designed to enhance the spaces they are placed in. Treat them as contemporary ornaments, if you will.

To accompany the new releases, Loewe’s Home Scents 2023 campaign is a visual tribute to the collection’s vegetable garden inspiration featuring British plantsman and collector, Charlie McCormick, photographed in his garden in West Dorset, by Walter Pfeiffer.

A multiple-prize-winning, self-taught gardener guided by a passion for nature, Charlie’s gardens blend free-spirited wildness and the art of cultivation, showcasing exceptional collections of tulips and dahlias. He also grows large scale fruits and vegetables for garden shows and competitions.

A unique fusion of nature, beauty and emotion lies at the heart of the Loewe Home Scents range. This playful celebration of craft and botanics will be available in the Middle East from July.

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Images: Walter Pfeiffer courtesy of Loewe

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