by Villa 88
  • 1 minute read
  • January 03, 2022
Etro Sets The Tone For The New Year With Its Playful Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

Etro has rolled out its Spring-Summer 2022 collection that’s evocative of the joyful optimism of the 1970s and slickness of the 1990s. Creative Director Veronica Etro portrays a young generation of dreamers embracing lightness, positivity and celebrating life, setting the tone for the new year.

Introduced by a drum live performance by Les Tambours du Bronx, the line exudes positive energy with its pops of color and kaleidoscope effect. Think about Paisley motifs and flowers in mandala patterns and colorways like vitamin orange, candy pink, bright yellow and emerald green.

Among the hero pieces are pants with elastic waistbands, crop tops, and platform and heeled sandals with cage constructions, which are embellished with the ‘Crown Me’ signature studs.

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