by Nina Zandnia
  • 2 minute read
  • January 05, 2022
Nina Knows: Here’s A Look Inside The Royal Suite Where I Gave Birth In Dubai Last Year

Hello, my beautiful readers!

I hope you’re all well and in great health. I know that the past few years have been difficult since the onset of COVID-19, but we’re slowly resuming some semblance of normalcy around the world. I’m finally back after taking some time off, as I got pregnant.

I gave birth to two COVID-19-era babies, a girl and a boy. Leonora is now 17 months old, and Oliver is only four weeks. It’s not easy to have two babies back-to-back. I literally have been pregnant for almost two years now. I had difficult pregnancies and was constantly sick – I also developed diabetes, which made me gain 34kg, but it’s safe to say that my kids are the biggest blessing in my life.

I decided to share my delivery experience with you because it was something unique and many people have asked me about it. I chose Mediclinic Parkview Hospital to give birth to my baby boy. After 15 years of living in Dubai, I’ve found one of the best hospitals with a stellar team of doctors and a Royal Suite that’s akin to a five-star hotel.

The 356-square-meter Royal Suite is located on the VIP floor, with a private visitor room and a wide spectrum of facilities, including a private food and beverage buffet, private entrances and elevators, and six rooms, including a majlis, a patient’s room, kitchen, and guest, dining, and living rooms. There’s also a private restaurant experience and a private open garden, where you can relish fresh air. I had access to a private chef all day, and the majlis was stocked with delicious cakes, sandwiches, fruits, soft drinks, and a tea and coffee selection.

The Royal Suite is so ethereal that it made me forget that I was in a hospital and about to have a surgery. I immediately felt at ease and didn’t feel apprehensive about my then impending C-section. They also offered a pillow and linen menu, so I was spoilt for choice. They also had two high-tech showers and a bathtub, so I felt like I was on a vacation for the four nights that I stayed at the hospital. My whole family moved in with me, including baby Leonora and our nanny.  

For expectant mummies, I highly recommend the Royal Suite at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, so you can have a sumptuous and memorable experience.

Wishing everyone a fabulous New Year filled with love, laughter, joy, kindness and prosperity. See you all soon!



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