by Saira Arshad
  • 1 minute read
  • January 27, 2020
Saira’s Travelogue: What To Do In The Vibrant City Of Vienna

During the year, Vienna is just as magical and enchanting as it feels during the holidays. With beautiful architecture and culture, every corner of the city exudes elegance, more than any other European destination I’ve traveled to. Visiting the museum and National Library just to see the gorgeous interiors is worth the visit, and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Art History Museum) is home to the most beautiful café I’ve ever come across.

St Stephen’s Cathedral is open to the public and is located in the middle of the town square, so you can’t miss it. Schönbrunn Palace was once an imperial summer residence and you’ll require at least half a day to tour the beautiful grounds and envision what life for Empress Elizabeth must’ve been like once upon a time. Don’t miss the stunning Karlskirche Church, both during the day and the evening for a mesmerizing reflection, which will leave you in awe.

Saira Arshad is a Canadian expat who has lived between Kuwait, Dubai, and Toronto for the past six years. She’s a self-proclaimed nomad who loves to travel and take a million pictures, sharing the things she loves with the world. Follow her on Instagram @Shazaira and @GigglingCamels; Visit All images courtesy of Saira Arshad.

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