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  • July 19, 2023
In Honour Of Technogym’s Latest Product Launch, Technogym Run, The Brand Hosted A Two-Day Retreat At The Ultra-Luxurious Atlantis, The Royal In Dubai

Dubai, a city known for its opulence and grandeur, recently played host to an unique influencer event that combined wellness and innovation. Technogym, a leading gym tech brand, orchestrated a captivating retreat at the iconic Atlantis The Royal, inviting brand ambassadors and esteemed guests from around the world to immerse themselves in the Technogym lifestyle.

Dubbed the “Technogym Retreat,” this exclusive gathering aimed to introduce the world to Technogym Run, the brand’s latest treadmill device and the first of its kind that seamlessly blends strength and cardio training. Amidst Atlantis The Royal’s plush surroundings, the chosen talents, which included Giulia Calcaterra, Janis Danner, Dan Churchill, and Jeremy Jauncey, CEO of Beautiful Destinations – a multi-award-winning strategy, creative and content studio – embarked on a wellness journey like no other.

Giulia Calcaterra

From the moment they stepped foot in the luxurious resort, it was evident that Technogym had curated an unforgettable experience. The retreat kicked off with a sunrise HIIT workout on the state-of-the-art Technogym Run, providing a serene and invigorating start to the day. As Jeremy Jauncey remarked, “Technogym Run is the most advanced home treadmill on the market,” emphasising its cutting-edge technology and performance.

Jeremy Jauncey

But the retreat wasn’t just about intense workouts. The Technogym team also delved into the realm of nutrition, guided by Dan Churchill, a renowned performance chef and culinary creative director of Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s lifestyle app. With summer on the horizon, Dan shared valuable tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from staying hydrated (three litres of water per day) to consuming a variety of dietary fibre and prioritising quality sleep (a minimum of seven hours a night). His insights into the future of nutrition, particularly gut health and personalised tracking, inspired and intrigued the attendees.

Dan Churchill

As the retreat unfolded, the Technogym experience extended beyond the boundaries of the luxurious new palm property. The team ventured into the expansive desert for a unique dawn workout amidst the honey-coloured dunes. “We wanted to celebrate the launch of the new Technogym Run and show how effective it is in a home and hotel environment but also take equipment out to the desert – like the super iconic Skillmill and Technogym Bench, plus other functional training tools – and show the versatility of the products in very different environments,” explained Jeremy.

Jeremy Jauncey

The program also encompassed mindfulness and breathwork, led by Richie Bostock, a renowned breathwork expert who has worked with tech giants the likes of Google, Amazon, Accenture, Lululemon and countless other corporate clients, teaching tens of thousands of people the power of breath healing. During the mindfulness breathwork experience, Richie shared with the team his top tips on focusing and harnessing the power of breath to deliver zen performance.

Janis Danner

Reflecting on the Technogym Retreat, Jeremy expressed his vision of creating unparalleled experiences in breathtaking destinations, stating, “The vision we had in launching Technogym Retreats was to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences in beautiful destinations whilst learning new skills with world-renowned experts.” The retreat embodied the essence of the brand’s lifestyle, bringing together personalised training, nourishing nutrition, mindfulness, and exceptional design products.

Janis Danner, Jeremy Jauncey, Giulia Calcaterra

As the retreat neared its end, it became clear that Technogym had not only showcased its innovation and commitment to wellness but also left an indelible mark on the attendees. “This project has been a year in the making,” shared Jeremy, who has worked hard to bring together his two passions, “training on the world’s best equipment… and doing it in the world’s best hotels.” Undoubtedly, the event served as a testament to the brand’s and Jeremy’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences in the world’s most sought-after locations. With one retreat under the their belt, Jeremy shares that they’re only just getting started!

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Images courtesy of Technogym

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