by Mark Lomas and Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • June 03, 2023
Discover Technogym Run: The Fitness Brand’s Most Energy-Efficient Treadmill Yet

In the multi-billion-dollar health and fitness industry, one brand has quickly risen to the fore for helping people achieve a wellness lifestyle. It’s Technogym, founded by Nerio Alessandri in 1983 and lauded for its high-tech equipment that combines ergonomics and elegant design.

Its latest innovation is the Technogym Run, unveiled at Milan Design Week in April this year, which promises to be the quietest and most energy-efficient treadmill ever created by the brand. It features a Slat Belt with sound-absorbing technology, along with high-quality materials that mimic the elastic response of the best athletic track, and a large running surface that enables longer strides and better performance.

The 27” Technogym Live console provides a variety of training programmes and an extensive library of on-demand videos with trainer-led sessions, routines and virtual, immersive outdoor workouts. It also offers a range of entertainment options, including Netflix, YouTube, television channels, and social media.

For bootcamp, the console provides exercises to perform off-treadmill on the Technogym Bench, the functional training solution designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint, thanks to its innovative design and enclosed tools. These workouts alternate between running, resistance and floor exercises, and adjust automatically to the user’s level for the most effective session.

The Technogym Run can replicate the inertia of a sled loaded with up to 55 kilogrammes, lending more power to your legs, glutes and abs, and improving overall muscle tone, efficiency and stability.

Providing gym equipment for the Olympic Village for the last eight games and the upcoming Paris 2024, the company has designed the Technogym Run to provide the same quality and technology as the best fitness facilities and health clubs.

Technogym is the brand of choice for over 55 million people who train with it in 85,000 wellness centres and 400,000 private homes worldwide. Among its hallmark features is that its equipment design is akin to a work of art, which can be seamlessly integrated into a hotel, home or any indoor setting.

The Technogym Run is no different and, with outdoor temperatures soaring in the UAE, it’s certainly every fitness enthusiast’s dream realised.

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