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  • November 11, 2020
Technogym Reveals How You Can Train At Home To Stay Fit

What are your fitness goals? Perhaps one of the most common reasons for hitting the gym is to get back in shape. But as we navigate one of the most trying years of our lifetimes, it’s easy for us to fall out of the habit of working out.

The key is to approach physical and mental fitness in a simple and practical way by bringing it inside our homes. We can incorporate physical activities of moderate intensity into our routines in a strategic way. Coveted fitness and wellness brand Technogym has been rolling out products that bring the gym inside your home, and here, the team reveals how you can train in the comfort of your home.

If you enjoy cycling, try three training sessions per week with equipment such as Technogym’s MyCycling and Skillbike. Keep the sessions short and remember that you don’t have to finish your workouts exhausted – it’s not about getting tired, it’s about getting better.

MyCycling features a high-tech smart trainer, a native app with personalized programs, which means it’s easy to track progress and monitor results. Skillbike is a revolutionary stationary bike that enables cyclists, triathletes and enthusiasts to reimagine outdoor experiences in an indoor environment.

If you prefer walking or running, MyRun seamlessly integrates the treadmill and a native app that can be synced with your tablet and is designed to offer the ultimate running experience, with personalized training programs and instant running feedback. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated by regularly taking water and isotonic drinks.

Among the must-have fitness products for your home is the Technogym Wellness ball with an integrated Q- code, which gives you access to the Mywellness app and exercise videos for strength mobility and core stability.

Then, there’s the Kinesis Personal, which is suitable for both beginners and professional sportspeople. With its full-gravity technology, the product has been designed to improve strength, coordination and flexibility, as well as posture control and breathing.

All these skills come at play in everyday life, and Kinesis Personal helps prepare us for the day-to-day grind. With the right choice of exercises and difficulty levels, Kinesis Personal can also be used in targeted preparation for sports, including golf and tennis. You can perform over 200 different exercises using the Mywellness app or Kinesis virtual trainer page with different routines.

For a great cardio experience, Personal cardio equipment features UNITY console with a host of entertainment and training options for a personalized and engaging wellness experience. You can listen to music effortlessly through high-performance Dolby Surround Sound speakers as you train.

If you want to mix strength with style, Power Personal offers over 300 exercises for strength training, including those with dumbbells or barbells, and body weight exercises. The functional upgrade kit allows for suspension training and exercises with elastic bands.

‘Physical reconditioning’ can be interpreted as a sustainable routine, which involves a varied training program, comprising postural exercises, stretching, core stability and balance. Once these basic objectives have been achieved, it’s recommended to introduce exercises to increase muscle tone and flexibility, whilst setting up a program of endurance activities to improve aerobic capacity.

Keep the sessions short and remember that you don’t have to finish your workouts exhausted – it’s not about getting tired, it’s about getting better.

Mywellness® app by Technogym, available on Google Play and App Store, is a cutting-edge platform that helps you to stay motivated and get the most out of your training by tracking your activity. You can link it with other popular apps, such as Strava, Fitbit and Polar, so you can monitor everything in one place.

The training library, created by Technogym and its partners, houses content for the entire family, from Pilates to yoga, cardio to dance-based workouts, and more. Choose among a huge variety of home solutions and integrated free workouts and explore what fits your agenda of staying fit and healthy.

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