by Mannhar Kaur
  • 1 minute read
  • November 20, 2019
In Pictures: Philanthropy’s Rendezvous With Art & Design

On November 6, Ethan Allen’s store put on airs not just it’s usual exquisite interior details but the radiance from the happy faces of Mawaheb From Beautiful People’s artists in a celebratory breakfast for the making of a one-of-a -kind painting. Stemming from Ethan Allen’s good heart was the thought behind the collaboration which was commemorated through a breakfast in the first week of this month. Inspired by the Relaxed Modern collection of the store, the gifted talents of Mawaheb gathered to fill in light serene colors of blue and soft sand to the large canvas. For finishing touches, the painting was brought to the flagship store where volunteers and key influencers delved into adding a personal feel. The final piece was retailed at a price of AED 8,400 until December 31st along with other works by the students. 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting the studio’s efforts to create a welcoming aura for People with Determination.

The collaboration was a joint effort of Mawaheb’s collective of 20 artists among which was the local  Emirates-commissioned artist Abdulla Lutfi who has been with the studio for 8 years.  His work was chosen to grace the cover of Emirates in-flight entertainment magazine. (Participating artists: Asma Baker, Abdulla Lutfi, Vinayak Commar, Namrata Pagarani, Mariam Ismail, Baker Baker, Aziz Arsiwala, Verano Field, Zaid Jaffar, Faran Imtiaz Ahmad, Francesco Barrios, Srishti Malhorta, Angelina Lawless)

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