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  • December 17, 2019
The Art Of Collecting Art: Leila Heller Shares 5 Key Points

Leila Heller, the woman behind the coveted eponymous gallery in Dubai, suggests how to become an art collector.

  1. Love what you’re buying
  • The most important thing is to love what you’re buying for your collection. It’s key to be able to live with something and love it as much as the first day you bought it, so it’s definitely important to have passion for the works you select.
  1. Invest wisely
  • Make sure that you buy artworks from established galleries, where the artist has the potential to grow, so that your investment is sound. Galleries that place their artists in museums usually have an exponential growth. Global artists are more likely to be sound investments as well. Always check that the materials the artist is using are archival and will survive beyond your lifetime, so that you can retain the value of the artwork.
  1. Get to know the industry
  • To create a collection, visiting museums, galleries, and artists’ studios is a good place to begin. Also, reading art books helps to ensure you’re collecting what you love but also that it’s a good investment. Stay updated on what goes on in the art market and the art world. Try to stay informed by subscribing to art websites, such as Artsy, and when traveling, visit local museums and foundations and famous galleries.
  1. Think global
  • Collectors in the region are most attracted to local and Middle Eastern artists, and the ones who are more adventurous will also explore international artists. It’s important to visualize the artist within the scope of international art history.
  1. Protect your collection
  • It’s important to protect your artworks. Make sure the environment the work is kept in doesn’t get too humid, cold, or has exposure to extreme light and harsh weather. If a work is damaged, you could incur a huge cost. Don’t touch the surface of your art pieces without wearing white gloves, so the oil on your fingertips doesn’t damage the patina of sculptures or the surface of a work on paper.

    Cover Image Credits: Aasiya Jagadeesh

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