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  • June 08, 2020
Taupe-Notch: Why You Need To Experience This Mobile Boutique By Emirati Designer Maryam Al Marri

Shop at your doorstep. It’s this ambitious effort by homegrown fashion brand Taupe that’s bringing back the sparkle to the local industry. It offers a bespoke mobile boutique experience, one that you can relish from the comfort of your home, especially in the age of social distancing.

Offering a tasteful and timeless mix of abayas and kaftans, Taupe has been co-founded by Emirati designer Maryam Al Marri, whose minimalist designs and muted colorways have become the signature aesthetic of the brand. “I believe that simplicity and effortlessness are the secrets behind a timeless wardrobe,” Maryam tells Villa 88.

Taupe 2020 collection

Launched in 2010 in collaboration with sister company Title, the brand prioritizes comfort and convenience and offers designs that are tailored to fit all. “We deliver fashion straight to our customers’ doorstep in a van set up as an on-the-go showroom,” explains Maryam. The resulting outfits are a reflection of the team’s reverence for quality over quantity, with each piece at once functional and fabulous.

Taupe 2020 collection

Taupe  has previously been a part of platforms such as Dubai Design District‘s d3 Collective in 2017. Over the years, it has been loved by the Emirati community for its nod to simplicity and elegance. As you curate your summer wardrobes, we encourage you to buy local and explore the brand’s latest collection. It’s truly taupe-notch.

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