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  • August 01, 2023
Missoni Fans Can Now Visit A Fashion-Themed Beach Club At Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda

A new sensation is sweeping through the Mediterranean courtesy of iconic fashion house, Missoni. Renowned for its vibrant knitwear, the brand is now setting sail in a fresh direction, southwards to be precise, entwining its thread of luxury living with the captivating charm of coastal Sardinia. Embracing the island’s signature hues and aquamarine coasts, the brand has teamed up with Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda at Porto Cervo to create a resort club like no other.

In the heart of Costa Smeralda, where ivory shores meet turquoise waves, Missoni’s marine palettes and lively motifs are infused with every detail. Picture juicy limes and tantalising teals adorning towels and furnishings, while umbrellas mirror the island’s cool, signature shades. The result? An undeniably chic spin on seaside serenity.

Cala Petra Ruja, an idyllic haven nestled amidst the splendour of Costa Smeralda, is the perfect destination for a Missoni holiday. As the brand’s affinity for Azure meets Nikki Beach’s exclusive allure, this collaboration sets the stage for a Sardinian escape like no other.

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Images courtesy of Missoni

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