by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • November 02, 2022
‘Gucci Equilibrium’ Initiates Sustainable Programme in Urugay

Gucci has joined forces with Chargeurs Luxury Fibers to promote regenerative wool as part of their NativaRegen program. The sustainability initiative works closely with 10 Uruguayan farms – one of them being La Soledad in South America, managed by Gabriela Bordabehere. Having kicked-off in mid 2022, the collaboration marks another chapter in Gucci’s sustainable journey.

In line with its sustainable mission, Gucci launched ‘Gucci Equilibrium’, a platform that promotes creativity, positive for people and the planet, while seeking to reduce its environmental impact and protect nature.

“Gucci’s climate action strategy has evolved to a nature-positive approach where regenerative agriculture plays an important role. Analyzing our supply chain, we realized that there were opportunities to address environmental challenges,” said Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Gucci, Antonella Centra.

Gucci will get an initial quantity of 50 tonnes of wool for an initial period of four years starting in January every year. Wool will be used in the brand’s collections over the next few seasons, contributing to a significant growth of its sustainably sourced wool.

At the end of Milan Fashion Week last September, Gucci was presented with The Climate Action Award, which recognized the company’s efforts to promote regenerative agriculture and highlighted the Nativa regenerative agriculture program. Bordabehair joined Bizzari on stage to accept the award at the Teatro alla Scala.

Images courtesy of Gucci Equilibrium

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