by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • November 05, 2022
Gucci Vault Enters Metaverse With Virtual World In The Sandbox

Gucci Vault, experimental concept space by Gucci has entered the metaverse by unveiling its virtual world in The Sandbox, which aims to gamify the brand’s heritage and products.

Gucci Vault Land is created to allow players to experience Vault at 360° through a “play-to-know” narrative that articulates what at first seems indescribable. The virtual world showcases its curated NFT artwork, previous NFTs, community, garden concept and the vintage pieces.

From 27 October to 9 November, Gucci Vault Land will exist as an event outside the typical seasons of The Sandbox. In search of marvels, players enter the “Garden of Curiosities” to begin the experience. In this oasis of greenery decorated with ancient-like ruins, non-player characters (NPC) in the form of  robots with oversised computer heads are ready and able to guide players through the countless activities the digital playground offers.

The adventure unravels inside a number of rooms, each designed to welcome players to different gamified experiences portraying Vault’s core pillars. Whether it’s restoring a vintage Gucci bag to its former splendor in the “Vault Vintage Lab” or cracking a riddle in the ‘Vault Room of Rhyme,’ players will engage with the different activities paving their way to enter a raffle organised by The Sandbox, where they’ll have the chance to win an exclusive reward and SAND—the utility token or currency of The Sandbox built on the Ethereum blockchain.

In pursuit of precious wonders, Gucci Vault Land also has presented a selection of digital collectibles. From hats to skate ramps and even a car, each piece is envisioned as a precious collectors’ item to be showcased by players in their own lands. Additionally, as a bonus for Gucci Vault’s community, those with a Gucci Vault NFT in their crypto wallets, such as the SUPERGUCCI or Gucci Grail NFT, will have the possibility to claim a Gucci Vault Aura collectible, which their avatars can wear in The Sandbox.

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