by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • November 06, 2022
The Second Chinese Edition of ‘Art ‘N Dior’ Exhibition Is Set To Be Hosted In Shanghai

Dior is bringing back its “Art ’N Dior” exhibition to China, with a second edition that features not only reinterpretations of its iconic Lady Dior handbag by leading contemporary artists, but additionally a room dedicated to the home’s signature Medallion chair.

After a primary edition in 2021 staged in Shenzhen and Shanghai, the exhibit is returning to Shanghai’s West Bund Art Center this 12 months. The exhibition runs from from 10-15 November.

The show will include a bit dedicated to the roving exhibition “Lady Dior as Seen By,” featuring pieces by several Chinese artists, akin to Yang Mian, Zhang Ruyi and the duo of Liu Wa and Yang Bao, along with international artists Oh You-Kyeong, Youssef Nabil and Camilla Akrans.

It would also preview pieces from the seventh edition of the Dior Lady Art project ahead of its global launch on 5 January, 2023.

This includes space-inspired designs by Chinese artist Wang Yuyang, which can be displayed alongside a few of his best-known art works, akin to his painting “The Moon 20190810” and his “Artificial Moon” sculpture made with 10,000 energy-saving lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes.

The French fashion house said the art show was rooted within the history of founder Christian Dior, who was a gallery owner before becoming a couturier. It’s expanding the exhibition to incorporate a bit on the Louis XVI-style chair that has been a logo of Dior because the house was founded in 1947.

In 2021, the home commissioned greater than a dozen artists and designers, including Chinese architect Ma Yansong, to put their spin on the furniture classic. His work, named Meteor, is fabricated from 3D-printed monochrome polyurethane and simulates the looks of the chair in motion.

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