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  • October 31, 2019
5 Expert-Approved Interior Design Hacks That Will Make You Feel Happy

Ever wonder how you can make your home a happy space? Research has proven that there’s a key correlation between aesthetics and well-being and it’s worth the effort to ensure that  your home is the sanctuary it should be. According to Harper’s Bazaar UK, Berlin-based interior designer Amy Brandhorst worked with design psychologist and consultant Eleftheria Karipidi to come up with five ways to elevate your space and mood.

1. Round it up
According to scientific research, circular shapes evoke positive emotions, such as approachability and friendliness. They also help you feel at ease with your surroundings, all while creating a sense of balance. Think about accents like ball-shaped pendant lights, circular dining and side tables, and round mirrors.

2. Blue hues beat the blues
Is there a more calming color than blue? At once relaxing and aesthetically-pleasing, the color blue is scientifically-proven to lower your blood pressure. Think about adding hints of blue through your window panels, cushions, throws and rugs. You can also try painting a shade of blue on a wall to see how it affects the overall setting of the space.

3. Lighten up 

Natural light is key and fills the space with energy and positivity. If you have limited exposure to natural light in your space, try including furniture and accessories with reflective surfaces. Mood lighting is another important element of any space, dim lighting will set the mood for you to have a calming evening after a manic day at the office.

4. Create a multisensorial experience
It’s all about satiating the senses. Scented candles with lavender and vanilla aromas, textured cushions and carpets, and colors can all affect the way you feel.

5. Bring the outside in 
Wood, stone, linen, marble, cotton and wool and other natural materials help bring nature inside your home. And needless to say, flowers and green accents are known to be mood-elevators.

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