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  • November 02, 2019
We Loved These 5 Showcases In The Garden At Fashion Forward Dubai 2019

Fashion Forward Dubai had a fabulous four-day run and one of its headline acts was The Garden, featuring over 45 of the region’s most gripping accessory and fragrance brands. Below, we round-up some of our favorites who showcased at the event, which offered a spectacular retail experience. 

Arcadia by Amna: Do you smell that? That’s the aroma of passion, the kind that places Amna Al Habtoor’s hom-grown perfume brand Arcadia in a league of its own. Launched in 2005, Arcadia is a brand that’s sure to satiate the UAE’s distinct fragrance palette.

Authentique: The Egyptian multi-brand apparel and accessory brand features curated collections that are bold and eclectic. Among the labels it houses are Apparel:  Farah Wagdy,  Maya Eco, Ramla,  Sadafa, and LalabySZ, all of whom booast a unique aesthetic vocabulary.

Duet Luxury: An array of handbags bedecked with leather, crystals, metal and wood await you, as Priyanka Baid has created a stylish, eco-friendly brand that’s both fashion-forward and fabulous.

Misk Concept: The brand is known for its handcrafted, statement pieces. The idea is to build a structured piece from ordinary little pieces to create an extraordinary shape and design. And the resulting creations are sensational. 

OMNI’s: An Egyptian mother-daughter duo runs this boutique brand, bringing to the fore the skills and craftsmanship of Egyptian seamstresses.

Images courtesy of Fashion Forward Dubai

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