by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • February 13, 2020
This Famed Photographer Is Bringing His Middle East-Inspired Works To Dubai

Are you ready to take ‘The Tour’? At Dubai’s The Workshop, renowned photographer Barry Iverson is soon showing a series of photographs that chart the intimate daily lives and cultural facets of Cairo and other cities in the Middle East. Barry, who is known to have had a lustrous 25-year-old career at Time magazine as a photojournalist, will be showcasing gripping photographs that reflect the sociopolitical landscape, people and history of Egypt and other regional countries, all referencing classic Cairo cinema, vintage postcards and his own archives.

The View from Gawhara Palace, Cairo 1980/1880

With artworks titled ‘The View from Gawhara Palace, Cairo 1980/1880’, ‘The Market, Antakya 1998/1920s’ and ‘ Bab Al Jabiya, Damascus 1996/1920s’, Barry mixes the old and the new, meditating on themes such as the oft-perplexing relationship between the Orient and Occident. Experience Barry’s works to relive the history of one of the richest regions in the world.

Don’t miss ‘The Tour’ exhibition that runs from 19 February until l 14 March at The Workshop Dubai in collaboration with Fann A Porter.

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