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  • November 10, 2023
Paris Exhibition Explores Artistic Potential of iPhone Photos

In the dynamic realm of photography, the iPhone has emerged as a formidable instrument, reshaping the way we capture and share moments. Swedish photographer Malin Fezehai made history in 2015 by winning a World Press Photo prize with an image taken on her iPhone, marking a pivotal moment in smartphone photography. Today, the iPhone continues to redefine the possibilities within the photographic medium.

A recent exhibition in Paris showcased the work of five international artists, all utilizing the iPhone 15 Pro Max to craft their art. Themes of memory, nostalgia, and the essence of capturing a moment took center stage through their lenses. The exhibited artworks ranged from vibrant street scenes to dreamy floral compositions and meticulously staged cinematic shots reminiscent of Cindy Sherman’s groundbreaking work.

Isolde Brielmaier, deputy director of the New Museum in New York and a curatorial advisor for the exhibition, emphasizes that each iteration of the iPhone offers photographers new tools and capabilities. However, she underscores that it is the unique imprint of the artist that defines their work, from composition to cropping and post-production techniques. The iPhone serves as a versatile accomplice, allowing photographers to express their creative vision.

The featured photographers, with diverse backgrounds spanning fine art and commercial photography, showcase an emerging trend among artists who fluidly navigate different artistic spaces. The iPhone’s flexibility aligns seamlessly with this kind of artistic freedom.

For instance, Malin Fezehai embarked on a road trip to Las Vegas with hula-hoop performer Marawa, capturing unconventional angles and perspectives that her regular camera might not have allowed. Mika Ninagawa used her iPhone to create close-up shots of intensely colored flowers, embracing the beauty presented by nature. Vivien Liu drew inspiration from her hometown of Hong Kong, capturing disappearing tenement buildings infused with nostalgia and mid-century fashion.

In the art world, the iPhone has become deeply integrated and accepted as a professional tool. Photographers globally harness its capabilities to craft stunning visual stories. As technology continues to advance, we anticipate more groundbreaking art produced with the evolving camera features and post-production capabilities of the iPhone. The iPhone has undeniably revolutionized our approach to capturing and experiencing the world through the lens of creativity.

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