• 1 minute read
  • November 11, 2023
Jil Sander Debuts on London’s Bond Street

Jil Sander has added its name to the prestigious lineup of luxury brands on London’s Bond Street with its new boutique at number 134. The choice of location reflects Jil Sander’s perception of London as a city where diverse cultures, art, and life coalesce, making it an ideal backdrop for the brand’s evolution.

Designed in collaboration with Casper Muller Kneer, the store offers an intimate journey into the world of Jil Sander. The space, crafted from silver-blue travertine, creates mineral and geological surfaces, enhancing the label’s minimalist aesthetic. The choice of materials, including natural, recycled, and re-used elements, aligns with the brand’s commitment to durability and ageless design.

The lighting plays a crucial role, evoking an artist’s studio with soft natural light, contributing to an intimate and personal ambiance. Geometric design elements such as timber, brass, and a prominent staircase inspired by Carlo Scarpa add movement and elegance to the space.

Reflecting on the store, Lucie and Luke Meier, the brand’s creative directors, expressed their vision of creating spaces where visitors feel at ease, emphasizing atmosphere over mere architecture. The staircase serves as a symbolic threshold, inspired by architectural principles, intersecting square slabs of travertine and infusing movement into the store.

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