by Mannhar Kaur
  • 1 minute read
  • November 20, 2019
Dubai Shines Bright With VOD International Jewelry Show

The VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show kicked off on the 13 of November and boasted a collection of regional and international jewelers from more than 80 nations.

The 2019 edition took place from the 13-16 of November at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and yet again reinforced the fact that the Middle East is an emerging hub of design and fashion.

Adding an enchanted sight to the show were diamonds, shells, pearls, beads, chains- immaculate with abstract shapes and sculptured designs.

Shell-adorned earrings, as well as pearls, in a distinctly baroque style, mimicking the shell’s spirited attitude also hit the spot. Amidst the myriad of options, our eyes were caught by the gleaming light shining from the exhibitions of the 22 jewelers at the Italian pavilion.

    • Petals collection [above] & Daisy collection [below] by Ferrari Firenze

With Italy being one of the keys opening the door to a fashion universe, the current cross-cultural dialogue between Italy and the Middle East have paved way for several projects with a enthusiastic rapport making them almost borderless.

In joint-conversation with Valentina Setta, Consul General of Italy in Dubai and Northern Emirates and Amadeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE, Oman and Pakistan, Valentina commented that “The quality of handcrafting here is very special. Quality and price go hand in hand but when you have such fine pieces, price comes second. The local market is very well educated-they know. They have taste and there is something in common with Italian creations that appeals to them.”

She also told us what she finds especially striking about local designs, “Arab local designs are very fresh and new.”

Amadeo tells us that Arab designers are ‘Glo-cal’, they cater to crowds abroad while still standing ground with local culture and tradition.

Valentina Setta [Consul General of Italy in Dubai & Northern Emirates] & Amadeo Scarpa [Trade Commissioner to the UAE, Oman & Pakistan]
Currently in talks with Sharjah, the ITA told us of the opportunities for the Middle Eastern designers to showcase their talent in Italy. With Expo 2020 just around the corner, the team revealed “Italy has a winning card with its slogan ‘Beauty connects people’ and that’s a motto to create ties with the Emiratis”

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