by Dianne Apen-Sadler
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  • May 02, 2024
Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie at One&Only One Za’abeel offers bespoke longevity strategies

Beyond the mountain air of the Alps and its restorative thermal springs, Switzerland has long been the preferred choice for those seeking out unrivalled wellness experiences thanks to its first-rate spas and clinics. Among the pioneers leading the field is Clinique La Prairie, which opened its doors on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1931. Now, the established brand is bringing its near century-worth of knowledge to Dubai, opening the first Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie in the UAE at One&Only One Za’abeel.

Spanning three storeys from the 28th floor of the newly opened hotel (including one floor reserved exclusively for men) treatments focus on three broad pillars – longevity, well-being and aesthetics. Simply put, it’s about living longer and better, and looking good while you do it. 

To achieve that goal, guests are taken on an ultra-personalised wellness journey following assessments focusing on metabolic health, energy, immunity, beauty and detoxification. Should stress be a problem, you can book the Neuro Wave Stimulation, which uses sounds and vibrations for a deeply calming effect. Those looking to detox can avail themselves of IV Drips designed to infuse a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

The exterior of the One&Only One Za’abeel. Image: Supplied

Adding to the tailor-made nature of treatments are a number of exclusively crafted options pioneered at the Dubai Longevity Hub, including the Anti-Pollution Facial, Lymphatic Face Drainage, and the Longevity Path to Detox, which includes an Algae Detox Bath, Phyto-mud Mask Therapy and a Hydro Jet Massage.

While wellness-seeking guests in Switzerland typically visit Clinique La Prairie for a reset over the course of a week, the location of the Longevity Hub in the heart of Dubai makes it convenient for those wanting to focus on their health year-round, with membership options available. 

Guests can request a bespoke workout plan at the Movement Studio, with certified trainers who assess body composition, lifestyle habits as well as a person’s functional movement and strength. After having the perfect plan curated for them, guests embark on one-to-one sessions with an assigned trainer and have plan adjustments based on their body’s responses over the following weeks and months.

Outside of training in the state-of-the-art gym, the Longevity Hub offers nutritional coaching, including an in-depth evaluation of diet, with screenings for heavy metals, glucose and each individual’s metabolic rate.

Hammam treatment room. Image: Supplied
Hammam treatment room. Image: Supplied

All-round wellness is achieved through a mix of preventative and restorative treatments. The Longevity Hub also offers a number of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including Mesotherapy, Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), Fat Reduction and Focused Ultrasound. Longer, highly focused signature therapies such as the 180-minute Glow Experience aid in combating the effects of ageing through skin analysis, followed by Cellular Body Exfoliation and a Hydrafacial, while the 150-minute Energise Experience will battle the symptoms of fatigue through Cryotherapy, an energy-boosting IV Drip and the Clinique La Prairie Signature Massage, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Previously only available for guests staying at the clinic in Montreux, the Longevity Hub in Dubai also offers premium food supplements. Featuring ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 to boost cellular energy, Cavacurmin for antioxidant protection, and BetaVia to bolster the immune system, the two-step age-defy routine helps protect against decline on a cellular level, which goes hand-in-hand with sessions across the 29 treatment rooms and gym sessions at the Movement Studio.

Cristian Fumado, Vice President of One Za’abeel, said of the launch, “The opening of the inaugural Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie in the UAE is a testament to the brands’ aligned core values and the commitment to delivering the highest standards of services to discerning guests.”

“Together, the synergy between both iconic brands will deliver ultra-personalised wellness journeys through the Swiss brand’s unrivalled science and holistic approach to health and wellness for the first time in the country,” he concluded.

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