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  • November 06, 2023
Sabrina Mouhieddine Unveils “Shades of Lili” SS24 Collection: A Celebration of Timeless Elegance

In a mesmerizing display of contrasts and balance, Sabrina Mouhieddine’s Spring-Summer collection, aptly named “Shades of Lili,” unfolds the enchanting journey of Lili Blanc and Miss Lili’s personal evolution. This collection serves as a timeless testament to confidence and elegance, meticulously tailored to celebrate the beauty of every woman.

Drawing inspiration from the delicate allure of Lily flowers, the SS24 collection pays homage to the majestic bloom, capturing its sweet and innocent beauty. The house consciously chose lilies as a symbol of femininity, fresh life, and rebirth, infusing these qualities into every meticulously crafted piece.

From detailed evening dresses to impeccably tailored suits, the “Shades of Lili” collection effortlessly weaves the signature codes of Lili Blanc. The garments, crafted with precision and care, feature a selection of premium fabrics, including the graceful drape of thin and thick Crepe, the luminous translucence of organza, the versatile elasticity of Jersey fabric, high-quality vegan leather, and the house’s signature linen.

Each piece in the collection embodies different styles that resonate with the diverse lifestyles of women. Embracing the brand’s signature colors of black and white, the collection introduces playful pops of other shades, including neon green and fuchsia, creating a vibrant palette that echoes the essence of individuality.

Sabrina Mouhieddine, the visionary behind the collection, expressed, “There is just something special when a woman designs garments for every woman out there. Let’s celebrate the beauty of being a woman – because all women are unique and beautiful in their own special ways.” With “Shades of Lili,” the house invites women to revel in their uniqueness and embrace the timeless elegance woven into each carefully curated piece.

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