by Nina Catt
  • 1 minute read
  • July 17, 2023
Noon By Noor’s A/W23 Collection Is An Ode To French Illustrator, Francois Berthoud

Renowned for its contemporary aesthetic, Bahraini label, Noon By Noor presents wearable staples with a twist – an ethos at the heart of the much-loved brand founded in 2008 by cousins, Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa.

“At the heart of the Noon By Noor design philosophy are the women who wear our clothes; individuals of style and substance who value quality as well as a fresh and intelligent design perspective, and, who themselves, exist to make a difference. Ultimately, Noon By Noor’s carefully curated collections celebrate the woman who dresses for herself.” The brand explains.

For A/W23, the designers began their dialogue with images from the french Illustrator Francois Berthoud and his book titled Facsimile. “Beautiful high–impact imagery that blends art, fashion and communication created in tones of black, grey, and browns – this was a starting point. Sometimes we are so busy looking outward that we forget to look inward and this season, we also looked at the things surrounding us growing up. Art, culture and the beauty of our home.”

Long, lean and sophisticated silhouettes dominate the collection of masculine-inspired pieces, expertly crafted from a storybook of fabrics including silk, glassed cotton, dry wool, linen, lace and organza.

“Working with a contrast of dense, opaque cloths and light transparencies to create a wardrobe inspired by our core inspiration of “shared” or “borrowed” menswear pieces translated into a reconsidered idea of seasonal wardrobe dressing. Long-lasting pieces that fit within our client’s wardrobe forever.”

Here are our favourite looks…

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Images courtesy of Noon By Noor

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