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  • July 17, 2023
GHD’s Duet Style Is The Innovative New Tool That Takes Your Hair From Wet To Sleek And Dry With Ease

GHD, renowned for pioneering styling innovations, has unveiled an enticing surprise for 2023 – the Duet Style. A wet-to-straight styling tool like no other, this sleek styler promises to revolutionise your hair care routine, saving precious minutes during those early mornings ahead of work. With the Duet Style, you can bid farewell to both your hairdryer and straightener as it effortlessly transitions your tresses from wet to poker-straight in just a few sweeps.

Unlike any other hot-air styler in the market, GHD’s Duet Style combines the power of airflow with ceramic straightening plates, delivering exceptional frizz-taming prowess. Four ceramic plates encircle the internal airflow, conducting gentle heat that eliminates the risk of damage, leaving your locks gorgeously smooth and undeniably glossy. Unlike the notorious tools of the early noughties, the Duet Style operates at a maximum of 120 degrees, ensuring damage-free styling with just the right amount of finesse.

Mastering the art of the tool may initially feel slightly unwieldy for those accustomed to slim straighteners. However, with just two to three passes through the plates, most hair types go from wet to impeccably sleek, dry and styled. The Duet Style’s convection and conduction combination takes centre stage, making super-high temperatures a thing of the past.

So, is it worth the hype? If you’ve yet to embark on the hot-air tools bandwagon and desire a routine that saves time while creating the ultimate it-girl look, this innovative styling tool may very well be your new best friend.

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Images courtesy of GHD

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