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  • June 21, 2023
Hind Al Oud’s Fragrance, Aliya’E, Uplifts The Senses In The Same Way Every Iconic Creation By The Emirati Perfumer Behaves

There’s a certain visceral joy associated with timeless fragrances. Whether you’re a lifelong adherent of a single scent or a compulsive collector, there’s always one staple on the dressing table that promises pure olfactory pleasure. Aliya’E by Emirati luxury perfumer Hind Al Oud is among such iconic creations that have the ability to transport you.

Named after a young and spirited writer, Aliya’E conjures up emotions and uplifts the senses like every perfume by the brand. The floriental scent offers a medley of notes, including the versatile Lily of the Valley, Iris and Cashmere, making it an accessory fit for all occasions.

A fragrance that has been designed for both modern women and men, it aims at cultivating a positive mindset and fostering resilience and self-worth. The ‘E’ in Aliya’E represents ‘Ego’ and how it can compel growth and become our greatest strength if nurtured.

Hind Al Oud has been crafting its signature perfumes and oils since 2001, taking inspiration from the principles of wellbeing, neuroscience, psychology and art. Aliya’E is central to its authentic arsenal of captivating scents, which will leave a trail wherever you go.

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Images courtesy of Hind Al Oud.

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