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  • June 22, 2023
Snow Abu Dhabi: An Enchanting Winter Wonderland Opens In The Heart Of The Desert

Only in the UAE can you experience the duality of the scorching desert sun and the exhilarating chill of the Swiss Alps all in one place. As summers consume half the year in this region, Snow Abu Dhabi, a newly opened indoor snow park at Reem Mall, emerges at the perfect time. If you, like us, seek respite from the soaring temperatures, allow this dreamy white paradise to cast its wintry spell upon you and your loved ones.

The capital’s first indoor snow park opens just in time to provide families with a frosty refuge from the endless anxiety of how do we keep the little ones entertained through the summer?As you set foot into the sprawling 9,732 square-metre winter wonderland, thrilling adventures and enchanting surroundings like the dancing snowflakes ensure you and the children will have an unforgettable day of excitement and laughter.

“Entertainment has an incredible ability to bring people together and enhance the quality of life,” shares Ignace Lahoud, chief executive officer of Majid Al Futtaim Entertainment, one of the visionaries behind Snow Abu Dhabi. “We look forward to welcoming the local community and tourists to our latest Global Snow attraction, which enables guests of all ages to spend quality time together and create lifelong memories.”

In this magical haven, families can embark on an icy escapade like no other, indulging in the thrill of sledging down snow-covered slopes, hopping aboard the mesmerising crystal carousel, or taking a whimsical journey on the city’s very own Polar Express. The flight of the snowy owl offers an adrenaline-pumping experience, while the snowflake garden and enchanted tree provide picturesque spots to pause and revel in the magical ambience.

No snow park is complete without delicious treats to savour amidst the snowflakes. Snow Abu Dhabi boasts three enticing food and beverage outlets where you and your little ones can relish a wide array of mouth-watering snacks and dishes while basking in the surroundings.

If you’re seeking an unconventional summer escape within the city, one where you’re enveloped in a world reminiscent of Frozen, then let Snow Abu Dhabi be your enchanted gateway!


Images courtesy of Snow Abu Dhabi

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