by Eugenia Bruni
  • 2 minute read
  • January 21, 2021
Eugenia Bruni Reveals Five Must-Have Collections By Pasquale Bruni

I was born into the world of gemstones and gold and spent my childhood in my father Pasquale Bruni’s goldsmith workshop in Valenza, Italy. I’m lucky to have grown up in such an incredible place. I started drawing from an early age and always gave free rein to my imagination when designing.

Nature is my source of inspiration and women are my muses. Middle Eastern women have always inspired me—our bond is strong. They love the designs, energy of the stones, and sensual shapes of the pieces that I design with passion and joy. Here, I reveal five of my most treasured Pasquale Bruni collections that you need to have in your jewelry trunk.

Giardini Segreti

Imagine a garden of emotions—where leaves, flowers and butterflies are in constant metamorphosis. This ethereal fantasy is brought to life in the collection, exquisitely adorned with floral motifs. I studied the ergonomics of these pieces, creating fluid lines and functional designs that are akin to wearable art. I wanted to create a feminine world, bedecked with white and champagne diamonds, where the body and movement are synchronized.

Bon Ton

Middle Eastern clients love our gems dearly. There’s a touch of their personalities in this collection—the veil of mystery that covers their eyes also reflects in the gems. Bon Ton is the essence of nature, with each gem as a reflection of the beauty that surrounds us. This iconic line is the symbol of an elegant and free lifestyle that adapts to the changes in society without betraying its essence. The simplicity and innate grace of the flower is accentuated by the beauty of our patented Bon Ton cut, characterized by the soft, irregular facets of the petals that are immersed in the cabochon pistil.

Ton Jolí

This collection epitomizes the personality and femininity of Arab women. The strength of the green agate and lunar energy of the white agate are enhanced by the light of the rose gold. The green agate is also a protective stone, which will allow you to further spread your wings.


This is a love song, with each leaf carefully designed to allure. I wanted to create pieces that would make you feel feminine and contemporary. The leaves reflect wings and have been set one by one before being assembled. This makes it possible to maintain the shape of the leaves and precision of the overlays, allowing great comfort when worn. Arab ladies have an enduring relationship with jewelry, and this collection offers a unique form of expression.

Figlia dei Fiori

A wondrous celebration of freedom and my love of nature await. Trails of flowers adorn these pieces, joyously mirroring the essence of the feminine creative spirit in a tribute to freedom and independence. In the rose gold shades, we find the colors of the Earth and its warmth, while white gold combinations of stones represent the infinite sky and its immensity. The magic lies in rose gold, pink and red, all colors that blend together.

Images courtesy of Pasquale Bruni.

Pasquale Bruni is available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons boutiques in Dubai. Visit and follow @Pasqualebruni on Instagram.

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