by Aminath Ifasa
  • 1 minute read
  • July 25, 2023
Chanel Spotlights Chinese Architecture in Shanghai’s “The Shape of Shadow” Exhibition

Chanel’s latest exhibition, “The Shape of Shadow,” held at Shanghai’s Power Station of Art, shines a spotlight on the dynamic architectural projects in Southern China. Curated by Chen Donghua, an architect and professor at South China University of Technology, the exhibition explores the concept of “shaded” spaces in the region, reflecting the interplay between abundant sunshine and rain.

With a theme of “Dynamic Architecture,” the exhibition is the winning proposal of Chanel’s “Next Cultural Producer” project, launched in collaboration with PSA. It delves into the unique shadows that expand the boundaries of architectural space in Southern China and their profound connection to Chinese culture.

Ten contemporary sites, from cities to small towns and villages, are showcased, featuring semi-natural, semi-artificial, and semi-indoor spaces free from physical enclosures and modern air-conditioning equipment. These spaces emanate a primitive vitality, creating a captivating market-like atmosphere that celebrates everyday life in the South.

Running until 8 October, “The Shape of Shadow” offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into Southern Chinese architecture and its rich cultural context. Chanel’s “Next Cultural Producer” project fosters appreciation for contemporary Chinese craft and architecture practices, marking the brand’s first partnership with a museum in Asia.

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