by Mahak Saxena
  • 1 minute read
  • July 01, 2024
Boucheron’s “Or Bleu” Collection sculpts water into High Jewellery

Inspired by the raw power and endless transformations of Icelandic water, Boucheron unveils its new Carte Blanche High Jewellery collection “Or Bleu,” pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship. Creative Director Claire Choisne captures the fluidity and adaptability of water, translating it into 26 breathtaking pieces that blur the line between necklace, bracelet, earring, and brooch.

The centrepiece, “Cascade,” is a stunning waterfall necklace adorned with 1816 diamonds. This record-breaking white gold masterpiece transforms into a shorter piece with detachable earrings, mimicking the flow from a mighty fall to a gentle stream. Each configuration adorns the wearer in a unique way, echoing the ever-changing nature of water.

Image: Supplied

Similar flexibility defines “Ondes,” a necklace and ring set that depicts the delicate dance of waves on the surface. Here, rock crystal, sculpted with remarkable thinness, becomes the canvas for water’s ripples. The metal recedes, allowing the crystal to take centre stage, just as water effortlessly shapes the shoreline. This piece exemplifies Boucheron’s mastery, seamlessly blending form and function to embody water’s transformative power.

Image: Supplied

Solidity finds its voice not just in form, but in transformation with “Iceberg.” A rock crystal masterpiece sandblasted to resemble frosted ice, it shimmers with diamonds, capturing the frozen majesty of an iceberg. This piece, along with the “Vague” brooch, celebrates water’s ability to exist in both flowing and static forms. The “Vague” brooch further transcends its function, adapting to different parts of the body like water adapting to its surroundings.

Image: Supplied

Versatility extends even further with “Givre,” a cascade of Akoya pearls and diamonds. This piece transforms from a hair jewel to a shoulder piece, mimicking melting ice. Likewise, the “Eau Vive” shoulder brooches, crafted from lightweight aluminium, detach and reattach with a magnetic clasp, mirroring the ever-changing course of a river.

Boucheron’s “Or Bleu” collection is a transformative dance, a liquid symphony where the essence of water is captured not just in form, but in function. Each piece embodies Claire Choisne’s masterful vision, a testament to both water’s endless adaptability and Boucheron’s artistry.

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