by Nicole Benhar
  • 1 minute read
  • July 03, 2024
Fendi’s Hobo Bag is the definition of minimalistic luxury — here’s why
Hobo Bag. FENDI

Reminiscing their past designs, Fendi unveiled their newest collection of Hobo Bags that embrace casual minimalism.

The bags are an effortless piece that carries the very essence of the fashion house’s identity. Inspired by an archival style from the 90s, this new creation holds a distinctive personality that showcases Fendi’s true persona as a brand.

Each piece has a sleek and defined design with a glossy finish made from Corvara calf leather, specifically chosen by designers to fulfil the pieces. The luxurious material is extracted through natural tanning processes which is then complemented with the tone-on-tone FF buckle placed on one corner of the bag, so it is displayed when worn on the shoulder.

Hobo Bag.FENDI
Hobo Bag. Image: Fendi

Fendi further enhanced the collection by introducing the bags in three different sizes, making them suitable for any occasion. The large and medium sizes carry a spacious silhouette with an adjustable strap that transforms into a crossbody.

The collection also features a bold Mini, a piece which is perfect for women on the go. The Simply Fendi bag line further embodies the ‘comfort and lavish’ design manifesto that the house brought to its Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

Available from July 2024, this new collection is also offered in two additional materials that include the iconic FF jacquard and sculpted shearling designs. The collection also represents the elegant nature of this austere and vogue style, highlighted by the deluxe and opulent colour scheme composed of eccentric black and dark honey, meshed with appearances of vibrant blues. The bags echo the past designs of Fendi with a twist of innovation that resonates with today’s world.

Hobo Bag. FENDI
Hobo Bag. Image: Fendi

Fendi has yet again revolutionised the fashion industry with this new simple and effective collection that stays true to the brand’s personality. These sophisticated pieces are not only a homage to Fendi’s incredible history but also act as a new chapter for the house. One that is steeped in minimalistic luxury.

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