by Afra Rehman
  • 1 minute read
  • July 03, 2024
Ziad Nakad unveils the Vinewalk collection: A haute couture ode to nature’s elegance

Ziad Nakad, renowned for his mastery in haute couture, has unveiled his Fall/Winter 2024/2025 couture collection, inspired by the lush vineyards and intricate beauty of grapes. Titled ‘Vinewalk’, this collection is a testament to Nakad’s unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic vision.

The ‘Vinewalk’ collection redefines haute couture with a fresh take. It is a symphony of luxurious fabrics and meticulous detailing. Velvet (known for its sumptuous richness) takes centre stage, enveloping each piece with a regal touch that enhances its allure.

The ‘Vinewalk’ Collection Image: supplied by Ziad Nakad

The collection features flowing capes, dramatic gowns, and tailored suits, each designed to merge sophistication with contemporary designs. Nakad’s craftsmanship effortlessly blends traditional techniques with avant-garde design. 

Vinewalk embodies Nakad’s vision of elegance and nature’s artistry, transforming garments into wearable art. It celebrates growth, beauty, and the intricate designs found in vineyards, elevating haute couture to new heights. 

This collection is for fashion enthusiasts, inviting them into a world where nature meets couture and where every garment tells a story of craftsmanship and innovation. Nakad’s ability to translate natural motifs into couture pieces reaffirms his status in the fashion industry.

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