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  • July 11, 2023
At Paris Couture Week, Dior Turned to Greco-Roman Classics For Its Inspiration And The Result Was A Dream Come True

After an enchanting internet-breaking show at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, where Maria Grazia Chiuri unveiled her first Indian collection in an ode to its culture and heritage, the esteemed creative director returns to the Paris Couture Week with a mesmerising collection that will transport you to the divine world of Greco-Roman antiquity. In her Autumn/Winter 2023 Couture show, Chiuri seamlessly weaves together past and present, captivating the fashion world with her reinterpretation of classical aesthetics for the modern era.

Clad in flowing, floor-skimming silhouettes in a palette of neutral hues, the models embody walking tributes to the grace and elegance of ancient Greek and Roman culture. The creative director, renowned for her ability to reimagine history through the lens of contemporary fashion, presented a unique take on “classicism” at Dior.

By examining the myths of the past under the microscope of the present, she explores the timeless allure of Greco-Roman goddesses, and the signature silhouettes they once wore. Another striking feature is that architectural lines take centre stage in this collection, evoking images of the majestic temples of Athens and Rome, albeit with a delightful modern twist.

The collection strikes a delicate balance between simplicity and opulence, starting with ivory-hued tunics, sculpted capes, and clean-cut floor-length dresses that showcase the Maison’s recent lean towards minimalist elegance. As the show progressed, models donning darker tones of black and grey made an entrance, lending depth and sophistication to the looks. Gilded lace, shimmering pearls, and delicately embroidered gold skirts add a touch of glamour, departing from Dior’s penchant for understated refinement.

Here, we round up our favourite looks from the collection…

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Images courtesy of Dior/Adrien Dirand

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