by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • November 04, 2019
This Bead-azzling Pop-Up Exhibition By An Egyptian Artist-Designer Has Launched At Kulture House In Dubai

Dubai-based creative communal space Kulture House has unveiled today a riveting pop-up exhibition featuring Egyptian artist Dina Hafez, whose body of work comprises beaded portraits of Egyptian women. A wondrous celebration of beadwork, the show titled ‘Unfamiliar Faces’ offers deep insight into the craft that has been an integral part of Egypt’s cultural and historical narratives.

Om Kolthoum

Dina’s color-filled mixed media works are an exquisite and contemporary survey of the craft that has been passed down for centuries, with a focus on themes such as exploring heritage and identity. She does so by layering vintage photographs, graphic design and beaded embroidery, all to create pieces that are at once creative and contemplative.


Beads have long been used to create jewelry and apparel, as well as religious ceremonies and festivities across the Middle Eastern country. Born and raised in Cairo, Dina is a self-taught artist and her latest experimental works feature beads and sequins to shine the spotlight on a craft oft overlooked.

Bedouin from Sinai

‘Unfamiliar Faces’ is on view at Kulture House Dubai until 30 November. Visit Kulture House now. 

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