by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 2 minute read
  • December 22, 2019
Bvlgari Resort Dubai Makes No Concessions On Luxury Living

On the seahorse-shaped Jumeirah Bay in Dubai sits a resort that’s leavened by whimsy. Swathed in chocolate hues and spread across 1.4 million square feet, it’s the epic face of Italian luxury in the UAE, one that has been delighting guests since 2017. It’s the Bvlgari Resort, which has established a timeless design language, one that marries the nobility of Italian materials and furnishings with the Arab aesthetic beloved in the region.

Envisioned by Italian architecture firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel as a Mediterranean village, Bvlgari Resort houses six residential buildings, 101 hotel rooms and suites and 20 hotel villas, each furnished with conversation pieces. The building’s façade features a coral texture and is lined with sunscreens and sliding doors that create a wondrous rain of light. The interiors feature fine oak wood that summons up the deck of a ship, and the walls are dressed in exquisite Arabescato marble, referencing the architectural splendor of Rome.

Stay at one of the one-to-three-bedroom villas or the ultimate Bvlgari Villa, the resort’s pièce de résistance, and you’ll experience bespoke luxury like never before. Think about huge shafts of light penetrating the vast windows, a private pool, decked terrace, gazebo and private butler, all to satiate the fantasist in you. There’s a sunken bathtub where you can rejuvenate with Bvlgari’s bath products, the walls are made of limestone from India, and the private pool features green Sukabumi stone from Indonesia. All this with sweeping views of the ocean, as you soak up the winter sun at the beach.

Modern accents abound; the Devialet phantom gold sound system is installed and Master and Dynamic headphones are placed in each villa. There’s no rush to get out of bed as there are bedside controls for lighting and blackout shutters – a push of a button and you can view the serene beach from the comfort of your bed. For a feast with friends and family, you can gather around the 14-seater dining table, with a grand crystal chandelier illuminating the area – the perfect setting for a luxurious day or night in.

One of the greatest feats of the Bvlgari Resort is its impeccably personalized service, the kind that will make you feel at home. And then, you have the string of restaurants, including Ilk Ristorante – Niko Romito. In December, you can delight in Chef Niko Romito’s special six-course set menu for the festive season. An unfussy menu awaits, with a unique combination of Italian delicacies and premium truffle selection, the menu provides a refreshing gastronomic experience. Whether you’re with friends or family, a stay at Bvlgari Resort Dubai is one you’ll relish for a lifetime.

Images Courtesy of Bvlgari Resort Dubai

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