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  • December 23, 2019
What Happens When Art Meets Fashion? LOEWE

What happens when art meets fashion? LOEWE. The Spanish brand takes inspiration from ceramicist William De Morgan for its latest capsule collection that’s filled with color and character

Think about dodos, fishing otters and herons looming over frogs and dragons in a vibrant mélange of colors. So quintessentially LOEWE, these are the motifs that dress the Spanish luxury house’s latest capsule collection, which is inspired by ceramicist William de Morgan, a key figure of the arts and crafts movement, known for his use of orientalist patterns and bright hues.

“Each year, we’ve tackled different arts and crafts heroes of mine,” Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of LOEWE, said in a release. “For me, it was a very natural process to do William de Morgan, as he was a big collaborator in the arts and crafts movement and a true fantasist in that moment.”

The ready-to-wear collection for men and women features fantastical creatures and floral arabesques with details enlarged on coats and bags, or hand-stitched onto oversized scarves and knitwear. These deeply imaginative pieces are filled with color and character and bring to life William de Morgan’s distinct aesthetic.

Thoughtfully designed, the pieces feature elaborate motifs, including whole sequences of tiles and subtle graphic details. Take a look around and you’ll be surrounded by fantastical creates, which look like they’ve just hopped out of the walls of a maximalist 19th-century mansion.

Among the highlights of the collection are a black leather jacket with a crimson dodo painted on the back, and a peacock-print trench coat in indigo, cerulean and green hues, which evokes a whimsical feel. If you love color-on-color, opt for the calfskin Puzzle, Hammock and Gate bags, dressed in the artist’s drawings of peacock feathers and yellow flowers, which are also available in miniature size.

A centrepiece of the line are the accessories, including the cushion totes for women, shopper and bucket bags featuring collages of rabbits and partridges, and small wallets and cardholders. In the world of William de Morgan, nothing can startle you out of your reverie. With each piece sure to enliven the fantasist in you, this capsule collection isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Images Courtesy of The Brand

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