by Hayley Alexander
  • 3 minute read
  • June 14, 2023
Indulge In Unforgettable Luxuries: The St. Regis Abu Dhabi Sets The Stage For A Sumptuous Summer Experience

Whether you choose to indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment, savour culinary delights, or simply lose yourself in a good book amidst the serene surroundings, every moment promises to transport you to a realm where every second is meticulously created with the utmost attention to detail. Here’s everything you need to know about the St. Regis Abu Dhabi this summer…

As the scorching summer sun casts its golden glow upon the UAE capital, the St. Regis Abu Dhabi emerges as the epitome of elegance, offering an array of exclusive experiences that redefine luxury. Nestled along the iconic Abu Dhabi Corniche, this opulent destination invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of unrivalled sophistication; every moment is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Prepare your taste buds for an exquisite journey through the authentic flavours of Italy. Step into the award-winning Villa Toscana and be captivated by the enchanting “Sagra del Pomodoro e Mozzarella” celebration.

Renowned Chef Vittorio and his culinary team have carefully crafted a tantalising menu that showcases the impeccable fusion of creamy buffalo mozzarella and succulent Italian tomatoes. Sample the velvety corbarino tomato gazpacho soup with burrata cream to the lusicious buffalo mozzarella treccia DOP paired with heirloom tomatoes, it’s a culinary odyssey!  

Embrace the essence of summer while nourishing your body and soul at the Cabana Beach Bar & Grill. Immerse yourself in the cool sea breeze and revel in the ‘3 Under 300’ menu, specially designed for the health-conscious connoisseurs. Expect the highest quality ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes such as watermelon Greek feta with quinoa and kale, smoked salmon and avocado on fresh farmhouse bread, and volcano chicken with Japanese rice.

If seafood is more to your liking, get ready to be swept away by a tidal wave of flavours with Catch’s latest culinary extravaganza – the ‘Sea & Salt Indulgence’ experience. Brace yourself for a luxurious encounter with Gillardeau oysters and have your taste buds dancing with joy. Gillardeau oysters are the crème de la crème, known for their quality and picture-perfect presentation.

Founded over 100 years ago as a small, family-owned oyster farm in the idyllic Marennes-Oléron region on the French Atlantic coast, Gillardeau Oysters are famous for their generous flesh and unique taste. Now, with great pride, Catch St. Regis Abu Dhabi stands as the exclusive purveyor of these gastronomic treasures in the city. Here, the skilled culinary artisans treat plump Gillardeau oyster with utmost respect, adorning it with minimal garnishes to ensure that its innate subtlety and refined flavours take centre stage. Prepare to embark on an opulent journey of indulgence as you savour the unrivalled allure of these exquisite shellfish, meticulously prepared to showcase their natural brilliance at its finest.

After dinner head to the Azura Panoramic Lounge, where you’ll see picturesque panoramic views of the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Relish in the artistry of mocktails that are visually stunning as they are delicious, let the ambience enchant your senses and enjoy the moment as you bask in the warm evening breeze.

For a well-needed pampering and to escape the scorching summer heat, enter a world of serenity and rejuvenation at Remede Spa. The skilled therapists unveil an extraordinary 30-minute treatment that will leave you feeling utterly refreshed. The bespoke ‘Energizing and Rejuvenating Massage’ utilises exclusive body cream and specialised serum, leaving your skin glowing, nourished and rejuvenated. Surrender yourself to the skilled hands of the therapists and emerge as the best version of yourself.

There is no doubt that service at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi is at the heartbeat of the hotel, ready to cater to your every need, take note and unwind in the company of friends or loved ones, this haven of luxury promises to exceed your expectations.

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