by Aminath Ifasa
  • 2 minute read
  • June 30, 2020
L’Oréal Looks Towards A Greener Future With Empowered Women By 2030

As we continue to endure these unprecedented times and take better care of nature, L’Oréal has taken a big ecological leap with its latest sustainability initiative called ‘L’Oréal For The Future’. The brand has pledged to transform its business operations by 2025 using a 100% renewable energy system. It has also allocated  €150 million to address pressing social and environmental issues, including women empowerment.

L’Oréal has also announced its plans for 2030, referencing three basic principles and objectives: to respect planetary boundaries, to empower L’Oréal consumers by promoting sustainable trends and to contribute to solving environmental issues. “Over the past decade, we’ve profoundly transformed our company, putting sustainability at the very core of our business model. As an industry leader, we consider that it’s our role to contribute to building an inclusive and sustainable society,” Alexandra Palt, L’Oréal Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, said in a statement.

To implement these green initiatives, the brand has developed a Product Environmental & Social Impact Labelling mechanism, scaling from A to E. This scale will help its consumers evaluate their choices and opt for greener products. L’Oréal’s green efforts also include implementing a ‘Science Based Targets’ system into its work ethics, where their entire chain of clients, suppliers and consumers with adopt a sustainable work ideology. In a statement, Laurent Attal Executive, the Vice-President Research & Innovation, said, “At L’Oréal, there’s no innovation without science, and that’s what has made us different since 1909.”

An integral part of this initiative is the €50 million charitable endowment fund dedicated to the empowerment of vulnerable women. This initiative will support field organizations and local charities in their efforts to fight poverty. It also intends to help women achieve social and professional integration, provide emergency assistance to refugee and disabled women, prevent violence against them, and support victims.

By going one step further in its green transformation efforts, L’Oréal has also listed three other goals, including initiatives to address the preservation of biodiversity, improve sustainable water management, and ensure the circular use of resources.

The United Arab Emirates has taken extraordinary steps to reduce the country’s ecological footprint. And it’s our responsibility as citizens and residents to do our part in creating a sustainable future. Go green.

Images courtesy of L’Oréal

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