by Mabel Roy
  • 2 minute read
  • July 02, 2020
We Round Up 5 Apps That Will Help You Destress And Sleep Better

Do you feel like you’re not getting quality sleep? We hear you. From longer hours in bed, binge-watching late into the night  and barely being able to catch some shuteye, sleep schedules have been disrupted and reduced in the wake of the pandemic and the subsequent quarantine. Here, we’ve listed 5 sleep apps for you to choose from to set your sleep cycle back in place.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Image credit: Google Play

The best way to get quality sleep is to ensure you’re in a relaxed state of mind, and this app does exactly that. As the name suggests, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds offers numerous soundtracks that are designed to soothe you into slumber. Be it rainfall to the desert wind, crackling fire or gentle stream, there are numerous soundtracks to choose from . If you aren’t a fan of the default audios, the app’s Mixer feature lets you create custom tracks.


Calm  has a similar objective—to get you into a relaxed state. Instead of soundtracks, the app features bedtime stories that are read to you in soothing voices. Some of these stories are recited by celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry. Additionally, the app offers guided meditation and breathing programs to help lower stress and anxiety.


Apart from being a meditation app, Headspace is also great for sleep. With a variety of meditation sessions to choose from, the app also provides hour-long calming audio experiences called ‘sleepcasts’ to help ease your mind into slumber. New stories are added every night, ensuring you won’t get bored easily. You can access a plethora of meditation courses, sleepcasts and calming music tracks with the paid version at $95 for an annual subscription.

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

As the name suggests, the app is built to help analyse your sleep patterns in detail so that you can improve them in the long run. The best part is that you don’t need a separate gadget for this – you just have to keep your smartphone near you. Before going to sleep, switch on the app. With the help of your phone’s mic, the app analyzes different states of sleep. The app’s built-in alarm clock gently wakes you up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase.


Pzziz helps users get adequate sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. After you set a timer on the app for your sleep session, the app helps you wind down by playing soothing music and calming voices. You’ll also wake up by the sound of a gentle alarm. The paid version offers more advanced features like the option to choose different sounds, and more.

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